All About HSP

The Problem

Does our area really need another home improvement contractor?

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Even as there are currently many tens of thousands of contractors working in the DC area and many more homes requiring repair and remodeling, what can one more offer? If done right, a world of difference! The unfortunate truth is our area has very poor universal business practices injuring local homeowners seeking home repairs and remodeling services: Practices that are causing serious financial losses, utilizing deceptive and pressure sales tactics, providing shortcut, incomplete and substandard quality workmanship, gross overcharging for services rendered, back charging for “free estimates” and failure to perform warranty commitments to name just a few. Local homeowners deserve another option!

The Solution: (About Us!)

Deck - renovationForm a professional vetted network of master home service providers in their respective field of home improvement which will be a completely transparent business designed and implemented from the consumer’s point of view ending previously stated practices for all that utilize this service. One of many benefits to our customers includes offering a time and stress saving Progressive Insurance like estimate that when requested provides our bid along with other competing companies’ bids for side by side comparison for the same project. The competitive pricing model allows customers to better evaluate affordability and make better informed decisions on their home repairs or remodeling projects. It also builds trust, regardless of where customers decide to go for their needs. We also provide background information on all companies sought such as their litigation history, complaint history, business credit file, employee opinions of their management and their online customer ratings.

Please support this expansion launch thus assuring this service is available in your neighborhood by visiting our selection of perks assembled for your consideration at our fundraising campaign page.

Quick Before and After Samples:

Our Mission at HSP

Company’s mission focus and basis for our formation: A recent drive through several DC area neighborhoods revealed homes that are either vacant or very poorly maintained indicating where families have lost their occupancy or may soon be homeless. This is a destructive personal and social tragedy that can be vastly altered with a grass roots solution. HSP is joining the fight to combat this problem and shall offer resources and service to those in need as our fulfilling a civic commitment.

Foreclosed houses, below…

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Our Vetting Process

In bringing this network together all selected home service providers shall be carefully vetted masters in their respective trades. Each being background screened through no less than twelve categories. The following is used to vet all top quality technicians we work with.

  • Criminal record check
  • Drinking habits
  • Drug use and health screening
  • Credit score
  • Legal judgments
  • Detailed talent /skill level
  • Survey of neighbor’s opinions
  • Driving record
  • Stability level established
  • Smoking habits
  • Openness to continued excellence training
  • Business Ethics
  • Civic Responsibility Awareness
  • Work references back minimum five years
Our Campaign

HSP will provide local homeowners superior craftsmanship, proven competitive pricing, a more than double extended warranty and safeguards only available through branding. With our formation and existence dedicated to fighting against families losing their homes. Please support this expansion launch by visiting our selection of perks assembled for your consideration at our fundraising campaign page.

We’d Like to Hear From You

How would you make our service even better!? Please tell us. Send us a picture and address of a neighborhood home that needs our attention! Use our handy contact form, or send us an email directly – just click the envelope below to launch your email program.

– Gary Lyles